Europolveri's agents meeting at Expo Milano 2015

Europolveri’s agents meeting at Expo Milano 2015

 Expo Milano 2015 had countries from all over the world as protagonists to participate and to interpret the theme “Feeding the planet, energy for life”.

The exhibition center was so transformed in a mosaic of countries which tried to sensitize the visitors regarding a crucial topic for the future generations.

An Expo that looked to the future and to the technologic innovation, so the ideal place to choose to set up the traditional annual Europolveri’s agents meeting. An exciting and surprising trip around the world, in which every pavilion showed its culture, its perfumes, its colors, its traditions.

An exhibition with a great architectural valence that gave the opportunity to analyze and deepen all the functional and aesthetical aspects related to finishings for architecture and design: criteria, applicative aspects, resistance performance, stability and environmental sustainability.


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