TwentyFive Years of Powders

The clocking-up of twenty-five years in terms of the life of a company is undoubtedly an important date to remember. For Europolveri, these first 25 years have, in terms of figures, been characterised by a constant, upward trend that has never slowed down or taken a downward turn.

Twenty-five years, during which results have been wisely reinvested; in fact, take the creation of the new factory premises, for example, currently Europolveri’s head office with a covered area of more than 18,000 square metres, housing the very finest, in terms not only of production techniques, but also research, testing, logistics and management methods.

Such enviable performance must be attributed to the business skills of those who created the enterprise, those who run it so efficiently and all those who, through their work, allow such excellent results to be obtained day after day. Looking beyond the firm’s boundaries, particular reference should be made to all those who have placed and place their trust in the Europolveri brand, giving the results obtained concrete, tangible form: the customers.

Driven by a constant desire to develop, not only in terms of numbers, but also quality of life, Europolveri would like an indelible record of these first twenty-five years to be made and this it has done, bringing colour, trust and prospects to twenty children from all around the world, choosing them for long-distance adoption: in this way, Europolveri has decided to give these 20 children the opportunity for growth and development received over these last twenty-five years by those choosing the Europolveri brand

Re-reading now, the slogan that has accompanied the Europolveri name and brand for many years, it seems almost to foretell what was to happen in the future and should therefore be re-proposed

“Powder made virtue”

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