The Protective Barrier

The Protective Barrier

Primers devised to give metals effective protection against corrosion

 At the end of a considerable research activity, and a series of rigorous tests, Europolveri can offer a series of coatings under the name of “Anticorrosion11”, that can be employed as primers with different and specific characteristics according to the type of surface that has to be treated.

All the “Anticorrosion11” primers devised by Europolveri have an epoxy type polymer base. In fact the epoxy polymers combine: excellent chemical resistance – elevated resistance to humidity – elevated electrical resistance – excellent coating capacity on metal surfaces, covering even corners and the most inaccessible parts – excellent adhesion to the metal surface – good characteristics for supporting further coats of paint with different chemical characteristics, such as polyester and polyurethane paints.

These intrinsic anticorrosive characteristics of epoxy polymers are enhanced by the presence of mineral components (natural and/or synthetic) that by acting in synergy increase the resistance of the primer to the action of corrosive agents.

The “Anticorrosion11” range of primers

The “Anticorrosion11” range of primers devised by Europolveri to combat corrosion includes:


 Anticorrosion primer for wheels in horizontal in line plants;


Anticorrosion primer for wheels in vertical in line plants;


HP (High Peformance) anticorrosion primer with a wide range of employment.


AP (Active Protection) anticorrosion primer with an elevated impermeability that combines a very compact epoxy base with the presence of high concentration “zinc phosphates” (whose iron protection properties have been well known for a long time). This product is ideal as a primer for steel when an elevated chemical resistance is required.


Experimental product, a “nanotechnological” anticorrosion primer: it contains scattered charges with the dimensions of nano-particles that create an extremely thin and very compact connection film between the metal substrate and the primer.

The silane technology employed also contributes to improving the adhesion and the resistance to thermal shocks consequently guaranteeing increased durability and corrosion resistance.

In-house tests carried out by subjecting metal plates treated with this primer to a neutral saline fog, resulted in the plates reaching 2300 h without film delamination.

Application sectors

Employing anticorrosion primers is fundamental for the surface treatment of many metal and steel items. – Machinery and equipmen – Architecture elements – Street furniture equipment – Enclosure systems, safety gates, bollards and bars – Boating articles and destined for use in a marine environmen – Car wheels and other car components – Tanks for liquid substances – Outdoor lighting supports and elements – Metal furniture for terraces and gardens


For further information see Antigraffiti10 leaflet available in PDF format on the “download” website area

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