Our offer

A range of more than 1,000 products in stock, more than 20,000 products formulated, combined with a natural inclination to develop the products according to the customer’s needs, by accurately replicating color, finish and gloss, make Europolveri the ideal partner for the powder coatings.

Europolveri offers products in polyester (Qualicoat class 1 and 2), epoxy polyester, epoxy-based, polyurethane, epoxy-phenolic based, polyanhydride and functional epoxy-based, with several finishes, (smooth, textured, wrinkled) and degrees of gloss (from glossy to super matt).

Besides the traditional Ral colors, Europolveri offers a wide range of products with special effect such as micaceous, damasked, hammered, colored transparent, chrome effect, anodized effects, soft touch, besides the wooden effects available as bases for heat-transfer process and powder on powder.

Exterior and Galvanized Pural – QUALICOAT Polyester Resin without TGIC
Exterior architectural murals – QUALICOAT polyester resin without TGIC
Industrial exterior murals – Polyester Resin without TGIC
Durpol exterior – Cycloaliphatic Polyurethane Resin (exterior)
Durpol interior – Epoxy-Polyester Resin
Interior Durpol – Epoxy Resin – Functional Epoxies
Durphen special treatments
Epoxy-Phenolic Resin
Durtherm high temperature paints
Polyester Polyanhydride Resin (Pepa)
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