Antimicrobial8 is a series of powder coatings with a very high antimicrobial effectiveness evenly distributed throughout the coating thickness. Such characteristic derives from the presence of an inorganic type antibacterial agent with broad spectrum silver ions in the formulation; the presence of this antibacterial agent determines a slow and constant release of silver ions in time. The use of Antimicrobial8 is suitable and advisable on all those items where the reduction and control of bacterial proliferation are fundamental.


Depliant Antimicrobial 8

Applications & uses

  • Medical products, instruments and equipment
  • Sanitary and hospital equipment and furnishings
  • Machines and equipment for the food industry
  • Clean room and controlled contamination environment
  • Machines and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Furnishings and equipment for public use and/or commercial use
  • Household appliances and kitchen tools and catering equipment
  • Furniture and equipment for nursery schools, schools and childcare facilities
  • Hydro sanitary equipment
  • Public means of transport
  • Gym equipment and furnishings
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