Europolveri has always chosen to pay attention to the social issues and to direct part of its own resources to the weakest and to the home-territory.

With this in mind, it has been taking part to the program of Unicef Universal Donation for several years.
For the twenty-five years of activity, then, Europolveri paid attention to its own employees coming from all over the world, by adopting 20 children from different countries by means of the association Terres des Hommes. Still with Terre des Hommes, on occasion of the thirty years of activity, it chose to adopt a “Casa del Sole in Namibia”, a structure offering protection, education and material and medical support to the children and it moreover chose to replace the Christmas gifts with a customized card proving the donation made by the company.
During the years, it also supported the Croce Verde and the Municipality of Sandrigo by contributing to purchase an ambulance  and a minivan for people with disabilities.
It also supported Surgery for Children, an association of doctors, nurses and volunteers promoting the sanitary care in favor of children in the developing  countries.

During the recent Covid-19 pandemic, Europolveri allocated a considerable amount to support the Ospedale San Bortolo of Vicenza.

Lastly, for many years, it has been choosing to purchase the Christmas gifts for its own employees supporting first the Cooperativa Conca d’Oro, a farm using the agricultural and zootechnical production employing people with disabilities and then the Fondazione Città della Speranza dealing with research on pediatrics pathologies.

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