Nuova cartella Effetti Bucciati

New Textured Effects folder

Europolveri developed this new "TEXTURED EFFECTS" folder to supply an updated working instrument to its customers, giving them the chance to take decisions easily and quickly. The presented products are all available in stock, but please take note that there are many other products, already formulated, we can provide you in a short time. To allow a more realistic vision and perception of the textured effect and colours, Europolveri has produced this folder, directly applying its powder coatings to aluminium panels; however, it must be specified that the colours in this folder should not be considered as reference masters, being the final appearance in terms of colour, surface finishing and gloss level depending on the type of surface, curing and application conditions. The “TEXTURED EFFECTS” folder is divided into two fundamental product series:

PURAL – polyester powder coatings based on TGIC free for external use;

DURPOL – epoxy polyester powder coatings for internal use. A detailed legend is also provided to

identify all product specifications. For more information please refer to Technical Data Sheet or directly contact Europolveri’s technical assistance service. 

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