New ArchitecturalLignum Sample Range

New ArchitecturalLignum Sample Range

 During the recent PainExpo event that was held in Germany, Europolveri presented its new “ArchitecturalLignum" sample range part of the series of products for "powder on powder" technology applications; the new sample range integrates the existing one devised for sublichromic technology applications.

The new sample range includes test plates with dimensions that allow optimal visibility and perception of the wood grain effect.

This innovative series of “ArchitecturalLignum” polyester based powder coatings guarantee designers and final users a wide range of advantages, such as:

– to choose among a wide range of products;

– all products are guaranteed TGIC-free;

– the certainty of elevated resistance against aggression from chemical,  

  mechanical and external agents on the treated articles;

– guaranteed durability certified by "Qualicoat" Class 1; 

– full compliance to the “Qualideco” requirements.

The new series of “ArchitecturalLignum” powder coatings are employed wherever there is the need or the opportunity to faithfully reproduce the effect and warmth of wood on metal articles or structures fitted both indoors and outdoors, such as: metal components and structures such as doors, windows, up-and-over doors; architectural structures and coatings; furnishing elements such as furniture, furnishing accessories, lighting elements; household appliances

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