Europolveri launches a New ESD primer


Europolveri, which has been active in the field of anticorrosion primers for many years, especially with the 6L2800003T002 AP zinc phosphate-based primer and with the 6L4800003T002 HP, meeting the market requests, devoted its own research to the study and development of a new product.

Today it officially launches the new 6L4871153T0C0 ESD primer, which is an extension and improvement of the 6L4800003T002 HP primer, of which it retains the corrosion resistance properties, together with the antistatic properties, that is the capacity of transferring the electrostatic charges on the surface to the item to be coated, after applying the primer and while applying the second coat.


In the two-layer painting, after applying the primer, the material to be painted is coated with an epoxy film which is especially effective as an electrical insulator. This makes the top coat application more difficult due to the counter-ionization of powder that is not able to discharge the excess of the electrical charge received from the guns. This recalls what happens to the hooks which – if not properly cleaned – insulate the items by preventing their correct grounding.

The 6L4871153T0C0 antistatic primer, thanks to its intrinsic characteristics, allows transferring the electrical charge from the primer surface to the substrate, thus facilitating the following application of the top coat.

All this results in a much easier painting of the items, above all of the three-dimensional ones, an improvement of the aesthetic effect of painting, a reduction of the overspray and, in general, of the powder consumption.


The 6L4871153T0C0 ESD primer produces an electric resistance of the painting film ranging between 105 and 10Ω. According to the IEC 61340 international regulation, this electric resistance range defines the materials as ESD, i.e. antistatic.


The neutral salt spray corrosion test performed in compliance with ISO 9227 standard at Europolveri laboratories showed that such resistance for the 6L4871153T0C0 ESD is totally similar to the 6L4800003T002 HP one from which it derives. More generally speaking, it was proved that the achievement of antistatic properties in the conventional primers does not imply a loss of corrosion resistance. The tests were performed on CRS pre-treated matt steel panels in an industrial plant with the following cycle: alkaline degreasing, 2 RR + RR/RD rinsing, phospho-degreasing with heavy iron salts, 2 RR/RD + RD rinsing, nanotechnological treatment with no-rinse passivating agent and immediately after painted in the laboratory with two-coat cycles and a complete cross-linking of the primer at 180° C for 15 minutes and with a 50-60 µm average thickness using the 5L1190163T000 as top coat.


The 6L4871153T0C0 ESD primer extends the range of products of the AntiCorrosion11 Series and it is available on stock with a minimum order quantity of 25kg. 

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