Advanced solutions for architecture and design.

 Over the years powder coating treatments have become increasingly more important and represent a fundamental choice for architects and designers for architectural finishings, furniture and design items. In this context the role of powder coatings derives from the fact that it gives the possibility of choosing from a wide range of products with an ever-increasing level of specialization, making it one of the key elements that contributes to the final result of a project, not only in formal aesthetic terms but also in terms of functionality and duration.With the new "ArchitecturalPlus-serie1" line of products, Europolveri wanted to condense 30 years of experience and laboratory work by formulating a series of powder paints conceived to offer tangible solutions and to meet specific needs of architects and designers in terms of both functional performance and aesthetic value.

The new pruduct series “ArchitecuralPlus-serie1”, based on polyester resins, includes the STANDARD (class1) line of powder coatings and the SUPER-DURABLE (class2) line, The range of products of the “ArchitecturalPlus-serie1” line can be also widened and diversified by adapting the formula in chromatic and finishing terms, maintaining its applicability and technical performance unaltered. ArchitecuralPlus-serie1”, is available in a wide range of chromatic variety, effect and surface finish, which are all ready for delivery. Fully tgic-free products. Guaranteed in terms of performance – Qualicoat Certified – GSB Certified – Compliance with the AAMA regulations

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