ArchitecturalLignum: all the colors and warmth of wood

ArchitecturalLignum: all the colors and warmth of wood

 Research and development, as it is in Europolveri DNA, have led to new formulations and long and rigorous testing criteria finalizing in new line of products with characteristics and performances that assure not only a high level of protection, as such good durability, but also a good results in terms ofappearance and color.

“ArchitecturalLignum” is an innovativeline of powder coatings studied to recreate, with different technologies, the effect and warmth of wood essence on metal products,

The new series of coatings is formulated with polyester or polyurethane resins and is available in two different series of powder coatings, related to the most currente and modern application types.

One series of bases for wood effect with the use of the sublimation technology, which has obtained the “Qualideco” license, A second series of polyester based powder coatings, formulated for the applications of “powder on powder” that foresees different application phases based on the technology used: horizontal or vertical installations.

“ArchitecturalLignum” powder coatings provide designers and final users, clear advantages and opportunities:

– a wide range of products

– an accurate assistance for formulations and a special effects required by architects and designers

– TGIC free products

– high chemical resistance, mechanical and to external factors

– durability ensured by Qualicoat Class1 certificate

– compliance with Qualideco requirements

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