Architectural Flex the new solution for Coil Coating


Regarding the specific coil coating application technology, Europolveri created a brand-new series of products under the name Series 2 Architectural Flex that incorporates the range of products suitable for coil coating and PCM (Phase Change Material) sheet plates.

Modern Coil application plants that use powder coatings allow:

Closed loop processes (defined as zero-discharge) that do not release pollutants

The use of coating free VOC-free (Volatile Organic Compounds) and SVHC-free (hazardous substances like TGIC and heavy metals) while preserving the technical characteristics requested by approval and regulatory body such as ECCA (European Coil Coating Association), Qualicoat, GSB, AAMA

Single coat application with 60-80 micron of powder

Higher corrosion resistance compared to post-painted products

Improved thickness and shade stability for the production of large architectural projects (>500 m2)

Total recyclability of the finished product as second-choice aluminium

The above-mentioned products are highly customized since they need to meet the characteristics of each single installation, because they differ for every customer. For this reason, Europolveri technicians and R&D department develop products side by side with every customer to answer to specific needs such as application speed and technology and crosslinking requests.

Europolveri offers solid and reliable partnership to face the new challenges of a more demanding market regarding quality and speed of service.

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