ArchitechturalPlus, always higher

 ArchitecturalPlus-Serie1, the innovative range of powder coatings for architecture, is a perfect solution to the demands of the metal construction industry in terms of strength and durability while, at the same time, being able to enhance the aesthetic value of projects.

Thanks to the variety of products and to their technical and aesthetic characteristics, this range of powder coatings has gained more and more significant positions up to the top of the market, not only in terms of production volumes but also of actual importance of the works and structures in which the coatings have been used.

In fact, a few major projects have been recently completed in which structures and outdoor continuous elements have been fully treated with ArchitecturalPlus-Serie1 powder coatings.

Among these recently completed works, the “Crystal Tower” of Bucharest (Romania) stands out, a futuristic building in which structure, light and transparency play a dominant role 72 metres high and with over 20,000 square metres of usable area, the building has become a symbol of the economic and commercial core of the Romanian capital. The structure, intended for commercial and office use, includes parking areas, offices, conference rooms, banks, restaurants, bars, fitness centres, health spas and a helipad on the roof.

The ArchitecturalPlus-Serie1 powder coatings are based on TGIC-free, polyester resins and include two different product lines, standard (Class 1) and superdurable (Class 2).

Both the standard and the super durable coatings can be produced in a wide range of colour shades, gloss (glossy, semi-gloss, semi-matt, and matte) and surface looks (smooth, wrinkled, textured, stippled and transparent, also with combined effects such as metallic/smooth, metallic/textured and metallic/ transparent).

The ArchitecturalPlus-Serie 1 range is applicable with tribo, corona and, on request, disk treatment methods.

The powder coatings from the ArchitecturalPlus-Serie 1 range have been subjected to rigorous tests both in natural and artificial environments, the passing of which ensures full compliance of a product with the benchmarks of the main certifications. Both the Class 1 and the Class 2 coatings are QUALICOAT and GBS certified.

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