A stop to bacterial proliferation!

Europolveri presents a new powder coating in the Durpol series.
Concerns arising out of the possible diffusion of bacterial infection and the aggressiveness and resistance revealed by certain bacteria are leading to a broader and more differentiated demand for working and meeting environments provided with equipment, machinery and furnishings which are safe and protected from the possibility of bacterial proliferation.
In order to provide a concrete response to a demand of such great importance, the research and development laboratories of Europolveri S.p.a. have formulated Antimicrobial8, a powder paint capable of blocking the proliferation of dangerous bacteria that would otherwise form biofilms or bacterial carpets which would then be difficult to remove.
The Antimicrobial8 treatment has recorded extremely high antibacterial effectiveness in tests.
The antibacterial effectiveness distributed evenly through the complete thickness of the coating, and not just on the surface, and the fact that the slow silver ion release action is a guarantee of long-lasting antibacterial action, equivalent to the article’s life, make Antimicrobial8 suitable and recommendable for all those items for which the abatement and control of bacterial proliferation are of fundamental importance.

You can download the AntimiCrobial8 depliant from the DOWNLOAD area.

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