40 years of research, enthusiasm and colors!

In a person’s life, 40 years are universally recognized as a very important milestone, a moment in life when the right balance of experience, awareness and energy, gives the opportunity to carefully analyze what has been achieved and allows outlining new important goals for the future.

For the same reasons, this milestone is also fundamental for a company like Europolveri, which has always based its solidity on respect for and appreciation of the people who make it up and collaborate with it: people who should be celebrated today for the fundamental contribution they have brought in professional and human terms to the company’s growth and consolidation.

Today, the main challenge is to broaden its horizons starting from the substantial experience gained, the knowledge of its business sector and the ability demonstrated over the years to adapt quickly to the evolving market.
At Europolveri, planning for the future means planning research by finalizing it to the formulation of new products, technological innovation and, above all, the increasingly qualified training of human resources.

The research activity, carried out by highly qualified personnel from the backgrounds of basic chemistry and science, with the help of sophisticated instrumentation has made it possible to manage and solve the most specific and particular needs in terms of finishing and application, providing customers with a valuable service of assistance and advice, as well as the preparation of specific customized research projects.

The company today is now in its third generation that, while evolving its strategies, maintains the orientation that in 1982 was at the origin of this entrepreneurial challenge. Making sustainable choices means thinking about the future and responding to the demands that come from the people and the territory, with an idea of development understood above all as growth that brings with it improved living conditions and the implementation of policies increasingly aimed at preserving the environment and people.

A further aspect of primary importance that has characterized these first 40 years of activity is the relationship that the company has been able to establish with its customers and suppliers: a relationship marked by professionalism and competence that has stimulated in providing specific solutions to the most diverse needs and problems.

Making of its own success and achievements a reason for growth for those who have had less luck and fewer opportunities is the philosophy with which in the past years Europolveri has participated in UNICEF’s “Universal Donation” program; just as it did for its 25th and 30th anniversaries, this year too it will engage in the long-distance, perennial adoption of children, from all over the world, as part of a Terre des Hommes project.

The milestone of 40 years, in conclusion, allows Europolveri to look back with satisfaction to the past and with great enthusiasm to the future, with the certainty that this anniversary can become a solid starting point for new and ambitious goals to be achieved!

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