Bye bye graffiti

Bye bye graffiti

 Bye-bye graffiti.

 To meet the graffiti problem Europolveri has developed a new line of anti-graffiti products in the Durpol line called Antigraffiti10. 

After applying the Antigraffiti 10 products undesired writing can be easily wiped off using specific cleaning agents.

Problem eliminated with just one wipe.

Antigraffiti 10 contains a series of products with elevated POLYURETHANE cross-linking chemical characteristics, that form a very close-mesh net guaranteeing a level of uniformity that stops the graffiti from penetrating into the paint, making them easily removable.   

The damaged surfaces can be cleaned with just one wipe using specific cleaning agents for the different types of ink used to make the graffiti (from black indelible ink marker pen to different types of paint.)

This particular cross-linking gives the finished product elevated chemical resistance characteristics, on one side, but low flexibility on the other, making this product not very suitable for painting components subjected to post-forming.

The Antigraffiti 10 series is available in different versions to be able to satisfy the customer’s specific technical requirements. 

Application sectors.

It is advisable to employ Europolveri Antigraffit 10 products on all metal items that are in public places or that can be easily accessed to. Here are a few examples of areas and sectors where their employment can be useful: underground stations and railway stations in general; traffic lights, signposts and street furniture; sport structures and facilities; roller blinds, grids and shutters, windows and doors for public and private use; public transport vehicles; equipment and furniture in public parks; cash machines and post boxes

For further information see Antigraffiti10 leaflet available in PDF format on the “download” website area 



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