Special Effects

To be considered special an effect, as well as having pronounced intrinsic and application qualities, it must be able to amaze for its originality, its colours and to attract and stir up one’s emotions. The “SPECIAL EFFECTS” powder coatings are characterised not only by their variety in colour shades and transparency, but also by their particular and diversified types of surface finish and grade of gloss/opacity. A range of products aimed at giving the treated surfaces and products particular aesthetic values. These products distinguish themselves not only for their colour, but in particular for the type of finish and/or surface effect and the final sensation they provide is determined by the mix of these two effects obtaining the following results: transparent, dimpled, metallised, wrinkled, dimpled or hammered. These special effects are integrated by the “alligator” one, with a particular surface roughness and by the super-matt pants or “SoftTouch” that combine an extremely matt visual effect with a soft and velvety touch.

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