Innovative Products

“Antimicrobial8” is a powder coating of the Durpol series with an extremely elevated antibacterial efficiency evenly distributed throughout the entire thickness of the coating. This characteristic derives from the presence in the formula of an inorganic type antibacterial agent with silver ions with a wide spectrum of action; the presence of this antibacterial agent determines a slow and constant release of silver ions in time. The use of “Antimicrobial8” is suitable and advisable on those items where the reduction and control of bacterial proliferation is of fundamental importance.

Applications & uses:
  • Machines and equipment for the food processing industry
  • Clean rooms and environments with controlled contamination
  • Machines and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Furniture and equipment for public an/or commercial use
  • Household appliances and cooking utensils for domestic and catering use
  • Furniture and equipment for kindergartens, schools and childcare facilities
  • Sanitary equipment and artefacts
  • Medical products, instruments and equipment
  • Healthcare and hospital equipment and furniture
  • Public transport vehicles
  • Gym equipment and furniture