Sales Network

Europolveri is well appreciated in Italy, in European and Extra-European countries for the quality standards of its products, for its variety in terms of formulas and applications for its range of special effects and for its wide series of products for specific applications. Europolveri’s sales organisation structure has its executive office in Sandrigo together with two branches, two warehouses, a sales network in Italy and one abroad.
The space below includes the main reference data of Europolveri’s sales organisation. The reference and coordinates are constantly updated so that whoever uses this space to define a contact will always be sure to access correct and up-to-date information.

Sales Office Italy / Foreign
Europolveri spa
via Luigi Galvani, 69 36066 Sandrigo (VI)
Branch Office > Cernusco S. Naviglio (Milano)
Via Como, 11 20063 Cernusco S. Naviglio (MI)
Branch Office > Erbusco (Brescia)
Via dell'Industria 25030 Erbusco (BS)
Warehouse > Reggio Emilia
Iori Colori s.r.l.
Via Carnera, 8 42123 Reggio Emilia